There are always a few questions that crop up and people need assistance with, so we have listed some of them with their answers below. If you question has still not been answered here then pick up the phone to one of our wedding specialists and they will be happy to help.

Depending on the type of passport you hold and the country you are travelling will depend on whether you need a visa, visa waiver, tourist card or nothing at all apart form a valid passport. We will do our best to assist you regarding visas but all customers are advised to check with the embassy of the country you are visiting for confirmed visa arrangements. Please be aware that acquiring visas are solely your responsibility so please be advised this is only advise we provide.

When travelling overseas on a British Citizen passport you need to make sure you have at least six months validity left on your passport after your date of return. For anybody that may be travelling on a different passport you are advised to check with the embassy. It is the responsibility of each individual travelling that they have checked they hold the correct passport and correct validity required for the country you are travelling to. We are only able to provide advise so please check with the relevant embassy if needed.

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