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Caria Holidays Private & Luxurious Wedding & Honeymoon Services

Caria Holidays is the leading luxurious weddings and events company located in Istanbul,Turkey and now in Dubai,UAE.

The company has 24 years of experience especially in luxurious destination weddings and events and welcomed many couples from all around the world including Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan and India. Since its opening in 1995, KM Events hosted VIP guests such as Pope Benedict XVI, George Bush, Tony Blair, Chirac, Schröder and Aliyev.

The luxurious services of KM Events includes Wedding and Event Planning, Design & Production. The Founder President of KM Events, Meltem Bayazıt Tepeler,has been the Founder President of Turkish Event Association ‘YEPUD’, the only association in the event industry in Turkey, between 2007-2014. She is the writer of the only wedding destination book in Turkey called ‘ Weddings and İstanbul’, which was published in 2010 and 2012.

She is also the founder and the lecturer of “Event Management Certificate Program” at Bosphorus University Long Life Education Center and one of the Founders and currently the Vice President of ILEA –The International Live Events Association Turkey Chapter. Since establishing KM Events in 1995, she has hosted many important international projects in the special events and wedding industry and made KM Events one of the leading wedding & event company in Turkey and around the region by distributing the KM Events vision to different parts of the world.

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